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How to decide on your cake smash theme

It is very common for me to get inquiries about the cake smash session. Some clients come in knowing EXACTLY what they want for the theme, but more often than not they have no idea. I try to encourage parents to start the process of cake smash planning between 6 and 8 months. This allows us time to order in a backdrop or buy and create the set.

Can you image thinking of the theme 6 months out? When guiding my clients I ask a few key questions.

1. Is there an idea you have for the first birthday? If the parent does not have a direction we narrow down some ideas.

2. Are you interested in cake or maybe another option? I have done, spaghetti smash, ravioli, pancakes, yogurt, donuts and tacos. The options are limitless even if cake is of no interest.

3. Is there a color that you love? Any colors you know you you don't like?

4. Is there a style you like? Rustic, boho, simple?

5. Do you have a a favorite children's book or song?

6. Was baby born during a season or holiday you want to incorporate?

We LOVE working with our clients to make a set that is unique to just you and your baby!


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