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Faces of Autism Jaxson

April has traditionally been Autism Awareness month, but we are trying to do more than become aware, we are driven to accept! I have been planning this campaign for months and have had the absolute PRIVILEGE of photographing some of the most AMAZING people! Throughout the month of April we will be featuring them and their stories. I pray that you find love for these INCREDIBLE humans and their passions!


Jaxson is a very energetic fun loving little boy! His nick name is speedy Gonzalez cause he just zooms around! Jaxson loves to love his family and tell them they are his best friend. He has a lot of best friends with aunts uncles, mom and dad and then his grandma and papa! Jaxson Likes playing dinosaurs. He loves everything dinosaur. Jaxsons likes to bounce and wrestle he has found a new love for jujitsu. He is loving every minute of it and he specially loves showing his moves he learned off. Jaxson keeps us on our toes he’s is always on the move.

Things that jaxson struggles with. People touching him and being in his bubble. He’s sensitive to loud noises, he struggles with speech, and forming words, jaxsons brain doesn’t slow down so night time is stressful for jaxson. He has a very hard time sleeping. We noticed a difference with jaxson around 1 year old but didn’t get anything gone until 16 months when he had his check up and his doctor told us he should be able to say 10 words. Jaxson couldn't say any! Everything just started from there, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy. Jaxson toe walked forever from 8 in a half months old when he started walking and continues to toe walk.

Jaxson is an amazing little boy who is a different adventure every day. He shows us how to live life and how it’s ok to be different. He’s so smart. Having a child on the autistic spectrum has its challenges. Jaxson doesn’t like to be touched, he doesn’t like people in his bubble. Jaxson gets over stimulated really fast and can be difficult to calm him down. Structure and routine is most important for jaxson. Having a son that is on the spectrum makes me even more mama bear aware is how I phrase it. My protectiveness comes out in everything. But having jaxson is such a blessing he’s an amazing little boy. He truly is a miracle to us.


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