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Faces of Autism Reece

April has traditionally been Autism Awareness month, but we are trying to do more than become aware, we are driven to accept! I have been planning this campaign for months and have had the absolute PRIVILEGE of photographing some of the most AMAZING people! Throughout the month of April we will be featuring them and their stories. I pray that you find love for these INCREDIBLE humans and their passions!

Reece is 10, and has Autism, SPD, and verbal apraxia. Reece speaks very little, but he's really quite intelligent and is always busy! He loves helping in the kitchen, making breakfast for the family every morning (with mom's supervision, of course!), loading and unloading the dishwasher. He taught himself to play chess, to read, and is very mechanically inclined: we learned this the hard way when he dismantled our vacuum! Finally, while he doesn't really enjoy having his picture taken, he loves taking selfies on mom's cell phone.

From mom:

Reece's symptoms began much like his older brother Robby's: not much speech, lots of big emotions and self-injury. At one point we did hearing tests to rule out hearing loss. During the test, he was interacting with familiar items that he could name, but would not interact with the audiologist. She suggested that he could have sensory processing difficulties, and suggested a developmental pediatrician.

Fortunately, because of the family history of Autism, we were able to get Reece in for evaluations much faster than Robby.


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