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Faces of Autism Riley

April has traditionally been Autism Awareness month, but we are trying to do more than become aware, we are driven to accept! I have been planning this campaign for months and have had the absolute PRIVILEGE of photographing some of the most AMAZING people! Throughout the month of April we will be featuring them and their stories. I pray that you find love for these INCREDIBLE humans and their passions!

My name is Riley.

Aspergers affected my ability to think on the spot, so I can't freestyle rap but I can write. I'm not here to talk about that, so Aspergers also affected my ability to learn. Somethings I learn very quickly and others I don't. Autism has been hard for my loved ones because they were scared for me when I had mental health problems.

Here is some of my music:

From Riley's mom: "From a young age I always thought Riley was an 'old soul.' He was always so quiet and careful. He was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in the 3rd grade. He was having trouble with writing and math. At that time he got an IEP and PSA for school. Riley does best with a schedule and things that are the same every day. Riley has recently gotten into rap and will be helping with a music class this summer with Chadwick Niles. Riley has been through a lot the last couple of years (Grandma passed away, Mom and Dad divorcing and moving 3 times.) He was having mental health issues but after a lot of therapy and hospitalizations he is doing much better! Riley is a very kind, smart, loving, funny and happy kid."

Autism isn't a disability it's a different ability. Kind of like having super powers


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