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Do you find joy in the little things?

When I was a daycare provider I would LOVE to hear the stories little ones would come up with. My boss at the time was oblivious to the sweet things happening and simply focused on the mundane and hard parts of the job. What is life when we don't find joy in the every day things that come our way. Do children cry over silly things? They sure do, but our job is to let them know they are loved through those things. Does it make a difference if the sandwich is cut is half on a diagonal, not really but when a child had an expectation and it wasn't met then there is conflict.

I recently had an event were there were MANY children in and the day was a bit overwhelming and chaotic. I had a little gal break down and mom simply wanted her to participate but the little one was confused as to what I was asking. Once we figure it out, she happily did exactly what I was asking of her. Children take patience and TRY our patience. However giving them a little grace goes a LONG way.

Let's find some joy in day.


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