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Outdoors vs studio portraits

It seems like there has been a big shift in where we get our portraits done. The studio use to be where you would get your pictures taken traditionally. Then outdoor (on location) photos started to emerge. There are benefits to both and reasons why you would choose one or the other.

In the studio everything is controlled.  The lighting from a strobe (studio light) can be manipulated to what the photographer needs or wants. We can go for soft or dramatic light to portray the mood that we want to go for.  A great thing is that there is no worry about loosing light from the sun. But with great windows we can also use natural light from outside to shoot indoors as well. Being inside there is temperature control as well as shelter from the elements. Sometimes you don't know what you are going to get from Mother Nature, especially here in Minnesota.  There is no rescheduling needed for Studio session. In the Studio I have are a variety of back drops that can also give multiple looks and moods to your portrait. Studio tends to be a bit more of a classic look but with the right back drop, props and styling we can make a very modern and beautiful portrait.

Outside has is advantages in that the backdrop can be some really gorgeous places. Here in the Mississippi River Valley we have an endless amount of locations that are amazing to photograph. From rivers, parks and beaches all the way to Historic downtowns we really have endless possibilities. Sometimes there is nothing better than having nature as your background. You also get a different feeling in the picture. It becomes more of catching an experience as well. A time and a place. The sun is the main source of light and the time of day is really more most important thing to think about. The afternoon sun is really harsh and creates a very hard dark shadow. But at the right time of day, the couple hours after sun up and before sun down are ideal for portraits. With the right time of day, great styling and posing and a little bit of mother natures grace in good weather we can create an amazing outdoor portrait.


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