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Senior Photos FAQ

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Session?

Having a month or two to prepare for your photoshoot date to ensure your date, prep your outfits, meet us in person, and plan your shoot is an ideal situation. I photograph seniors May through early August. We open booking in January of your junior year in high school. Our limited senior session fill FAST so do not wait!

How Long Will My Session Last?

It will depend on the package you choose. I have sessions as short as 30 minutes and as long as 3 hours.

Where Will It Be?

This is a question we will decide during out preconsultation/planning meeting. It’s extremely important to us that your photoshoot location matches who you are. We will offer up suggestions for locations based on your personality and style.

Can I Request Specific Photos To Be Taken.

Of course, but we will not copy a specific shot from another photographer. We hope that you are booking us because you like our style of photography and trust that you will end up with images you love from your session.

Can Our Pets Be A Part Of Our Photos?

Absolutely! Pets are like family and can be a huge part of your life, we are happy to include them in your photoshoot. If we are doing pet portraits we must know in advance so we plan the appropriate time/location.

What Do We Need To Bring?

We will cover all of this in your preconsultation/planning meeting, but you will want to bring anything that is important to you.

I Know What Kind Of Look I Want, But I’m Not Sure What Locations To Go To In Order To Achieve It. Can You Suggest Options?

This is what the planning meeting is all about. After you have filled out of your online questionnaire, I will start brainstorming locations to show you during our meeting. These locations are all based on what you like, your style, and personality.

What Should We Do To Prepare For The Session?

We recommend that people get a good night of sleep before their photoshoot, bring a water bottle if we are shooting outside, and have your clothing ironed and on hangers.

If It Rains, Do You Have A Studio To Shoot At?

Yes, we have a studio, and we also watch the weather to make sure that your shoot is good to go.

Will These Images Be Posted Online Or Any Social Networks?

Yes, unless specifically requested otherwise, we love to share your beautiful images online through instagram, facebook, Pinterest, and our website. Feel free to add us to that we can tag you!

Will We Have The Option To Use Props?

Of course, anything that has meaning or is special to you, may be used in the photoshoot. I urge against using anything that will look outdated in several years. We want these images to be timeless.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Schedule My Session?

The first priority will be to check your yearbook's submission date. I prefer to photograph May-early August to have plenty of time to get images edited and back for yearbooks.

What Time Of Day Is Best For A Portrait Session?

This answer depends completely on the location for the photoshoot. If we are shooting indoors, I generally recommend shooting in the morning. If we are shooting outside, it is best to schedule time closer to sunrise or sunset for the most flattering lighting.

How Will We Know How To Pose?

You don’t need to know a thing. This is our forte! We pose every bit of you for the most flattering angles and portraits. You will be coached every step of the way, and can relax knowing that we have your posing covered.

How Many Outfit Changes Can We Have?

This depends on the session you choose and on the location and how easy it is for you to change into a separate outfit, but we generally recommend two to three outfits for a great amount of variety.

I Really Don’t Like “X” About Me. Can We Shoot Around It?

Please let me know in advance, and we can have a conversation about this. We want you to love your photos and are happy to listen to your preferences.

How Many Photos Will I Receive?

You will usually have about 30 images to choose from per hour of shooting time, but you only walk away with the images you love. Our portrait sessions come with a set number of digital images, all print products are purchased separately.

Do You Offer Professional Retouching (E.g. Zit Removal)?

Every senior portrait is professionally retouched unless requested otherwise. We keep retouching to a minimum because we want you to look like yourself. Anything impermanent is subject to retouching, but we can have a conversation about braces, scars, and anything you are concerned about. Braces removal and glass glare is a separate fee.

What about my glasses?

If possible PLEASE bring frames without lenses. It is very challenging to work around glasses glare and if we need it removed there is a separate editing fee as that work is sent out.

What Should I/We Wear?

Again, this is something that we will go over in your planning meeting. There is no one size fits all in our book. This photoshoot is unique to you and your clothing preferences are a part of that. When you leave your preconsultation, you will have a list of ideas that will help you to choose from your closet.

Which Schools And Counties Do You Work With?

Oh, we work with them all! I mostly work within Twin Cities metro area, Southeast MN and Western WI, but I have been invited to photograph in Fargo, ND Champaign, IL and Lousville, KY for seniors.


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