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Faces of Autism Annabelle

April has traditionally been Autism Awareness month, but we are trying to do more than become aware, we are driven to accept! I have been planning this campaign for months and have had the absolute PRIVILEGE of photographing some of the most AMAZING people! Throughout the month of April we will be featuring them and their stories. I pray that you find love for these INCREDIBLE humans and their passions!

Hi, I'm Annabelle but I like to be called Belle. I'm 9 years old and I love art. Arts and crafts are my favorite things to do. I also love animals.

Annabelle hit all her milestones growing up. It wasn't until preschool when we noticed she wasn't quite interacting with her peers as much. She began to overstimulate on her favorite items, moving her hands very quickly in small movements close to her body. After her diagnosis she was started on an IEP at school and also began to see a therapist for anxieties, especially bugs.

Annabelle has a huge heart and is always trying to help others. Academically she is where she should be, it is the social interactions and appropriate social cues she struggles with.


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