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Laila's cake smash

When Laila's mom reached out for a cake smash session we went through my questionnaire to discover where her ideas were heading for the session. We discovered that Laila was an angel baby and so mom wanted to incorporate rainbow into the session subtly, however she was not a fan of the classic rainbow colors.

We discovered that Hannah liked boho style so we built from the idea "boho rainbow." I had these boho rainbow pillows and that was the creative spark.

Once the theme was decided, I then needed to figure out what the cake should look like as that is an important center piece to the session. Playing off the colors of the pillow and "boho" the cake idea was born.

The last and final step to any planning of the session almost always includes a lilt stop to Michael's or Hobby Lobby and I found the cute boho flower and the pampers grass to complete the look.

When the session day comes the last step is figuring out what baby is going to wear. I have a client closet of clothing that fits most themes , but parents are welcome to bring the outfit as well. For Laila's session we settled on this boho style romper from Little Miss Atasha . It brings me JOY to create a unique set for each baby!



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