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Faces of Autism Jeremy

April has traditionally been Autism Awareness month, but we are trying to do more than become aware, we are driven to accept! I have been planning this campaign for months and have had the absolute PRIVILEGE of photographing some of the most AMAZING people! Throughout the month of April we will be featuring them and their stories. I pray that you find love for these INCREDIBLE humans and their passions!

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jeremy for this project. He is a 44 yr old man with autism. He exudes confidence and joy! Jeremy told me he likes NASCAR (Dale Earnhart Jr is his FAVORITE) Disney, and NYC but of all the things he enjoys, He LOVES the Packers the most. He works at a his grocery store, he has a love for

his job and the ability to work. That grocery store is lucky t o have such a fine man working for them.

Jeremy's mom shared with me that she knew from a young age that he had autism, but the school was very slow to accept it.

Jeremy shared that when he was young he wandered away with the dog and they could not find him. Mom called and called and he didn't answer. Once they realized the dog was with him they called the dog but she refused to leave his side. I'm sure that was a scary moment for Mom.

Jeremy's mom also shared with me that when they were building their house they lived in a trailer house on the property. As soon as they moved in to the new house she woke up and found Jeremy was gone. She panicked, but he had gone to live "at home" aka the trailer on the property.

Thank you for sharing Jeremy!


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