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Baby Lane

Here we are in the year 2021, nearly 2 years now since we have been fighting the COVID pandemic. Many have lost family, friends and loved ones to the virus.

In early November I had the pleasure of photographing Tony, Abby and little Logan (1yr) for their maternity photos. Just a few short weeks later Abby had COVID. I had read that many pregnant mom's were getting hit especially hard. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we got a call that Abby was very ill and taken to ICU. Baby wasn't due for a few weeks but they decided he needed to come to take some stress off Mommy.

Sweet baby Lane was born! Abby was kept in the ICU and Lane was taken to Children's Hospital.

A few days later Abby was better and they were able to go home!! Logan had been staying with Grandma and they were reunited and he got to see his new baby brother. The family is doing very well.


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