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What do we do when the weather is questionable

This week has been one of those weeks where the texts and phone calls started early. Let's be honest the weather can be fickle and the weather forecast totally off base. So what is a photographer to do? It's outdoor season, it's senior photo season and even though I have a studio, many are looking for those outdoor portraits. When should we reschedule?

Here's what goes through my head:

Let me check the weather report Uh-oh. The weather guy said chance of rain and wind tomorrow I’m not going to panic He said, “chance” of rain and wind This means there is a chance there might NOT be rain and wind I mean, really, how often are they right? I’m going to think happy thoughts

What if I drive all that way and we get rained out? Or wind-ed out?

Maybe I should reschedule But if I reschedule now, it will look like I don’t want to do it It’s gonna look like I’m just trying to get out of it so I can go do something else, like see a movie or something, which I totally WOULD do if I can’t do the session. Wait. I couldn’t even see a movie because what if I call the session NOW and they, too, go to the movie and see me there. OMG…what if we run into each other at the movie? No, I’m just going to do it. But wait. If I do it and the weather is bad, they could get upset that they got ready for nothing. And I wasted my time. And THEY wasted their time.

Overcast and drizzly

Two minutes earlier and it was totally overcast!

And then the wind and rain showed up

...but in all of this the good new is, with a little help from editing software we can make GREAT photos out of the mixed bag of weather.

Thank you to the Schultz family for braving the weather with me.

Disclaimer: *Cameras and pouring rain are a BAD mix so I will ALWAYS cancel and outdoor session if there is a threat to my expensive equipment.

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1 Comment

Ava Shultz
Sep 14, 2019

Thank you Jeannie for being so flexible and patient with us when the weather was questionable or sunny or windy or drizzling ... the entire time you kept us going. The kids were such troopers and had an enjoyable time. Not once did they complain and looked back at the session as “that was fun”. Thank you so much for being so professional and understanding. We love the photos and can’t wait to set up another session with you!

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